Monday, November 30, 2015

Chloride Arizona Ghost Town - Back Streets

In my last post, I was ranting against some of the "cheesy" things that are presented in some ghost towns. In truth, the places that hold staged "gun fights" are really not quite ghost towns yet. There are people still living and working in these places. I also said that my next article would be related to what I love about them. If you get off the main street, you will see that they are very much alive. Alive, with history, interesting people that are only found in the desert, and an amazing mix of creativity and art.  Chloride is one of these towns.

The Back Streets of Chloride Arizona

Bowling balls

Industrial whimsy


Not necessarily historical, but I love the old RV. 

Cowboy boots as yard art

Many of the homes on these streets have some kind of display, either along the road, or in their yard

At first glance, it may just look like a bunch of rocks and junk. Upon closer examination, there are some really cool items and displays in there. A cross between folk and yard art.

This house has some bottle trees. Some bottles were old and some were a bit newer. 

Certainly not art, but pretty odd that these two boats were just sitting there. This is pure high desert and there is no place in the area to use them.


Motorcycle parts

More stuff

New house and sculpture

Some folks might not like this stuff at all. To me, it is quirky, whimsical, and very creative. There is a lot more, but I wanted to keep this post reasonably short.



  1. I guess there's not a lot to do there besides make art out of garbage. Creative folks. I wonder how long that person has been working on the bottle tree?
    And it is odd those boats are there...

  2. Hello, I just love all the cool yard art. Some people are very creative. Chloride is a weird name for a town, but it is a neat town. Great collection of photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  3. Someone with a great sense of humour must live here - it place can't be dead, as humour never dies.

    But why name a town Chloride? Was there a chemist having fun?

  4. You do find the most amazing people, places and things!!! And I'm so glad you share them with us!! And, they are a great way to start my day -- any day!! Hope you have a great new week, Pat!! Enjoy -- camera in hand, of course!!

  5. Ha! Pretty good stuff, and you'd have to throw away very little, just add it to the display.
    I wonder if living in that AZ environment lends impetus to this, or do people who tend this way go to AZ? Chicken or egg.....
    Cheers, Pat. Good pictures.

  6. That is some pretty cool yard stuff, but we like that old RV best!

  7. It's pretty cool how diverse the decorations are. People seem very independent and just do their onn thing.

  8. Wow! Some very interesting artful and whimsical stuff happening there. It's great to see people being so creative in such a big and expansive way. Wonderful!

  9. Some very unusual stuff going on here, Pat! The cowboy boots installation is my favourite.

  10. The strangest thing I see is the new house. All the rest seems to fit together somehow.

  11. I love it! You could spend hours just poking around in a place like that and find some cool things with interesting stories behind them. Another place to add to my growing list!

  12. How fun! Someone is very creative and has had a lot of fun.

    Sand boating, Pat. It's the new craze. ;)

  13. We are in Yuma overnight ... On our way to Florida for the winter. Your posts make me wish we had more time to spend in AZ. But the canal and the boat are calling .... ))).

  14. Man, do I love these weird place you photograph. Now entering semi-retirement, I"m gonna use your blog to put together my agenda when I set out for that western road trip someday soon.

  15. The creativity displayed in this old ghost town is amazing. I love all the sculptures and little people. There is a bit of everything and I think it is done in good taste. I really enjoyed this post. Thank You.

  16. What's not to love? You couldn't get away with that kind of eccentricity in suburbia. You'd have some HOA or neighborhood watch shutting you down. Self-expression to this extent isn't allowed except in relative seclusion. I have also come upon the odd stranded boat in a sea of desert sand...

  17. Chloride Arizona? What a name. I lived in Arizona for 8 years and never heard of this fun town. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I'm with you Patrick. I love stuff like this. The more truly abandoned and ghostly, the better.

  19. My yard has a little bit of this vibe. Nothing could be sweeter!

  20. no wonder it is a ghosttown with all that kitschy trash :)))

  21. Certainly an interesting and fun place!


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