Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekend Reflections - What Are You Looking At

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  1. Looks like they hail from where I do!
    Nice photo Pat- Did you feed them any bread?

  2. What a terrific capture! Such breathtaking reflections of lovely skies! And then there are the geese! The perfect touch! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Patrick!


  3. Beautiful reflections.
    Love the gang of the geese..
    Have a great weekend Pat.

  4. I like the way you used your flash on this particular shot : it allows such a great color reflection of the sky behind those gooses...

  5. Funny, Pat, I was just looking at a series of geese photos I have, but none of them grabbed me the way this one does. The geese have character and the sky reflection adds so much.

  6. We used to have alot of ducks and geese in this pond (behind my old home)..I miss them...
    this picture reminded me of just how cute they are... Great shot!!!

  7. They seem to be stalking you while you shot them.
    Nice reflection, Pat.

  8. I always get a kick out of how these guys mean waddle.
    You're very brave to get such a close shot...I would have run by now.
    They like to hiss at me for some reason....
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Very nice, Mr. Pat!
    But watch out...them thar Geeses can be mean if you get to close. Did you know they can inflict serious damage to your self by just giving you a good whack with their wings? And...they bite...

    What a true outdoorsman...putting yourself and bodily harm all for the sake of nature!

  10. Drove past a field the other day that was covered with these feathered friends. I love the picture.

  11. HONK if you like Pat's photos!


    ( just knew I had to!)

  12. Very nice shot...that goose looks quite haughty!

  13. Yay! They made itsafely! (They were supposed to call me when they got there.) Have fun with dodging goose poop for the next few months! - G

  14. We can all reflect on how much we love or hate geese. I love to have them around.

  15. I love this photograph. I love coming in to see all of your photographs. I really like your neighborhood nicknames list!

    I had to sign in again as a follower because a glitch in blogger last week forced me to delete/export my old blog and start a new one. But they don't export the followers.

    So here I am again. I hope you'll come over and re-follow me too! I always enjoy your comments.

  16. These are a few of my favorite things!

  17. Pat, I think they liked you and held a nice pose...great reflection in the water.

  18. Really nice picture...perfect composition...color. And geese are cool.

  19. Ren - Thanks! No feeding these guys, if you do they won't leave you alone.

    Sylvia - Thanks so much! Hope your weekend is also great!

    Misfit Mom - Thanks!

    Costas - They are big ones! Thanks!

    'Tsuki - Thanks! I thought it would come out better that way!

    Francisca - thanks for saying that! They do have character, mean!

    Lynne - Thanks Lynne! These guys are pretty close to our house. I like them also...

    Pam - They were stalking me! i sat there until they got used to me being there. Thanks!

    Fabien - Thank you!

    Dawn - i would have run, but they'd just chase me! Thanks Dawn, you also!

    Joe - Thank you sir! They can be mean. these particular guys are very big also... lol...

    Toni - Thanks so much! i appreciate it...

    Marelene - Honk! Honk!

    Nat - They are very haughty!

    Georgina - When they arrived without any luggage, I sent them right back to your place!

    Sharon - i love them also! they have individual personalities...

    Ann - Thanks Ann! I'm already there!

    Brian - me too!

    baygirl - Thanks!

    Chuck - thanks Chuck! I think they were glaring at me...

    Jerry - Thank so much Jerry! They are cool...

    BB - very well fed, but not by me!

  20. Great picture!! I love that sky and the irony of how it looks like the geese could walk on it!! Soon they will be, perhaps!! Take care, Cat

  21. Wow!!!! I love this photo!
    Magnificent! They look great!

    Happy Sunday!
    B :)

  22. That one in the middle is eyeing you!

  23. Great shots, Pat. I love the contrasting colors. xo

  24. Amazing shot, it looks like they are almost posing for you, I do like the reflections of the clouds

  25. Oh, geese. I love them. Love the chewing-gum clouds on that water, too.

  26. Looks a whole lot more calm than my insane weekend.

  27. Cat - thanks! I agree! I couldn't believe the reflection when I first saw it.

    Betty - thanks Betty!

    Alex - I was truly afraid he was going to charge me...

    Robyn - thanks Robyn!

    Clarissa - Me too, but I prefer the ducks, they don't usually attack you!

    Jimmy - They were barely able to hold a pose. I had no food for them and they didn't seem too hapy about it!

    tapirgal - Thanks! I lucky that this place is right down the street from my house.

    Cheeseboy - That's not good! Maybe you can relax at work...

  28. Ah yes Canada Geese. So that's where those obnoxious birds go in the winter.

  29. Love the reflection of the landscape in the far distance - we can sort of glimpse your surroundings, but not quite!

  30. The guy in the front looks like he is coming to have a word with the photographer

  31. Beautiful shot with great reflection. Looks like a great place to relax.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  32. I love these guys!! We have a similiar pond in So. Maryland and I always bring them snacks. :)

  33. I'm glad to see that our Bernaches du Canada arrived safely in your neighbourhood :P (do you live down south?)

  34. Great reflection Pat. Canada geese are such fun to watch but this group seems to be watching you. I think their leader wants a closer look at your camera.

  35. Wow! What an excellent shot! I'm glad I saw it.

  36. Warren - Yep! We get a lot of them here. I haven't been down to the lake for a few weeks, but I bet there's a lot of them here now.

    Jayne - Thanks! We want to remain a mystery!

    AB - He was a bit aggressive! But that's okay...

    D&R - thanks so much! It's Just a short walk from our house and it is indeed relaxing...

    Penny - I love them also! If you even think the word snack around there, you have about a hundred big birds attacking....

    Sarah - I do live down south, and yes they are here!

    SQ - Thanks! They can sure get agressive. Especially so if they think you have food...

    James - Thanks James! It's at lake Laguna Niguel. You've probably been there, right?


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