Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dog Pee

The mere fact that your neighbors know you have dogs, is reason enough not to!  Unless they only know because they see you take your dog for walks, not because they bark incessantly.

Speaking of walking dogs; owners have gotten pretty good at picking up their dog’s poop, putting it in a bag, and taking it home. But will somebody please explain to me why it is still perfectly okay for that same dog to pee everywhere?

Dog urine is not fertilizer! Dog urine is not “Miracle-Grow!” It kills grass and plants. It discolors fences, hydrants, tires, and everything else it comes in contact with! Oh yeah, let’s not forget that the grass, plants, tree, fences, hydrants, tires, and everything else they pee on, belongs to someone else...


  1. that's why i just let mine pee all over my patio and clean it occasionally.

    sounds like you have an invention in the works.... "Pat Tillett's- Pet Toilette" ahahahaha! it'll be an "dog pee catcher." MAN i'm good!

  2. Tillett,

    I'm so honored to have found your site. You are truly remarkable.

  3. Why thank you!
    speaking of dogs, yesterday we saw a cat that was half Ocelot. It was awesome. Large framed and very wiry, but friendly. It had a wild look to it that was very cool.

  4. You're right! It leaves yellow spots all over the grass.

  5. mrscolombo@yahoo.comMarch 3, 2010 at 9:47 PM

    Better yellow grass than knowing someone has a cat the minute you walk into someone's house...yuk! Cat litter? Seriously, and some people actually scoop the poop out so the litter will "last" longer? The smell of cat pee on your furniture or carpet never comes out...ever. And the only ones who don't notice are the cat owners.

  6. Once again, to me it's the cat owners who are at fault. A cat will ALWAYS use a litter box, if there is one available, and it isn't overflowing.
    We've had multiple cats for many many years and never once, has one of them used anything other than their box. Actually, we have 3 boxes because we don't want the smell...
    But...I know just what you mean. That's not a good smell.

  7. mrscolombo@yahoo.comMarch 6, 2010 at 8:46 AM

    Christopher has an "indoor" cat in his little one bedroom apartment. He has a kitty litter under the sink in his bathroom (he put a curtain on it instead of the door). I've never smelled anything in his apartment! His cat is so funny....lays on Christopher's 6'5" neck while he walks around. His name is Kahuna...Christopher is a surfer...I'll put a picture on FB soon. All gray cat...that he nursed from the time Kahuna was 5 days old.

  8. I think it's ok cuz it's almost invisible LOL. My dog does it at home most of the times though.


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