Sunday, February 28, 2010


I was in it
I lived it
But I wasn’t part of it
Not really

Stood in the midst of hell
And didn't feel a thing
A lifetime of training, you see
We started very young at home

Some might call it self discipline
“Your children are so well behaved!”
No shit, must be that fine upbringing
Most folks didn’t have a clue

We were good
Real damn good
Built that way
Family tradition

You’re not mad at me are you?
How did those marks get there?
I fell down?
That’s right, you fell down

Thing of it is
I didn’t feel a thing
Not on the outside anyway
Not after a while

It was all a put on
A charade
In character at all times
Especially in public

I accept this Oscar
On behalf of my siblings
Who are too traumatized
To attend tonight’s festivities

Consummate actors, the lot of us

Acting is good
But don’t act up
Acting is good
But don’t act out



  1. This is really good. Sad, but good;)

  2. Coming from you, I consider that a great compliment! Thanks so much for reading...

  3. Wow. Very effective, very brutal. Disquieting, with a tremendous honesty.

    Dark, but very excellent.

  4. Thanks TS, she was quite a gal...
    I am really over it all, but I'm very happy that I'm getting it all down in writing.

  5. It's a shame Child Protective Services didn't exist until around the 70's. Sorry for your nightmares, though I'm glad you're making art out of them. You're a gifted writer.

  6. Thanks Robyn.
    Coming from someone who writes as well as you, that's a really nice compliment.
    I'm happy to say that my life is excellent now!
    thanks again!

  7. It still surprises me that there is another human being in the universe who actually experienced these feelings. You express them so well...I so get it.

  8. Walls certainly serve their purpose, but they keep out the good as well as the bad...

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