Monday, July 26, 2010

Very Odd Building

You've gotta enlarge this one

One of the strangest design features I've ever seen on a building.  When I rapped my knuckles against it, it seemed totally hollow. I also think it could be climbed.


  1. Does it even have any windows? On the other side maybe... cool shot!

  2. It looks like it is curved too. Or is that an optical illusion? - G

  3. That just screams "Jackie Chan: climb me!"

  4. Haha- could be climbed! I guess every man is really a little boy- still.

    Have a great day Pat.

  5. Is this in LA? What's the building?

  6. LOL It IS quite the strange design feature!! It looks like hollowed out silver bamboo stalks...tres bizarre!! =)

  7. Not only that, but due to the neighboring building, it looks bent!
    Where and what is this?

  8. What a bizarre building, and your photograph captures the unique architecture in all its quirky brilliance! :)

  9. It would be difficult to precut those panels. I wonder if they were cut as they were placed.

  10. Wow!!! That's amazing. I don't know how you get such clear amazing shots of these things....this is so bizarre, it almost looks like a really cool sketch when enlarged. LOVE it!

  11. This reminds me of the Cathedral in downtown LA. I have also thought that if I ever tried to rap against the outside walls of that it would sound hollow.

  12. Sarah - No windows, I don't think there is any actual point to these things, except for looks.

    Georgina - They are curved. I bet people have tried to climb them

    Soft nonsense - to me it screamed "stay off me!"

    Ren - It did enter my mind and yes we are...

    KarenG - It's in Costa Mesa by the performing arts center.

    Joe - See above...LOL

    passionofthemom - They really were weird, even the finish on them

    RA - That was the other end of the same building. they are in Costa Mesa CA.

    Sam - Thank you sir

    Warren - I was wondering the same thing!

    Marlene - They are bizarre, and I did nothing to the photo at all.

  13. DrSoosie - They wasted a lot of space for an effect!

  14. Wow, that is odd. Is this a real building or a giant art piece?

  15. Ohhhhh. Ahhhhhhh......

    Did you enjoy my in-depth review of this picture?

  16. Strange, Pat... What is it? Obviously, it is a building of some kind.... Where? Japan????? EXPLAIN please.

  17. It looks like a house of cards. Just my take on it. Nice shot though.

  18. A really unique design in my opinion, nice shot Pat.

    It appears something was thrown on it at the bottom left of the picture, if so it really doesn't surprise me sad to say.

  19. You could climb it Mr. Basic Training. I'm not so sure about me.

  20. SQ - Most of it looks semi regular, some of it looks like art

    BB - uhhh, yeahhhhhh. So deep...

    Betsy - It's in Costa Mesa California. It's part of an office building of all things.

    Chuck - Thanks Chuck!

    Jimmy - It looked like someone yakked on it. there is a bar/restaurant next door. I was going to crop it out, but it didn't look the same...

    Jesse - That's right! I'm going back there!

  21. 3 Little Pigs could build one a little more stable looking. But what a design! Things like that never cease to amaze me...we humans come up with quite the creations...and I sometimes wonder why.
    Great Photos of your buildings these last few posts...thanks for sharing!

  22. Your header is killing me! What I wouldn't give to be watching that sunset right now.

  23. great photo, i don't know a thing about architecture but this design is pretty interesting to look at :)

  24. Great choice with the black & white!

  25. are they aluminium?

    Lazarus Lupin
    art and review

  26. Really great photo... I've looked at a while, trying to figure out how it's contructed. It's very pretty

  27. That's a unique design. I thought it looked a little bit bent too.
    Nice picture, Pat.

  28. That's is Superman's other secret hideout. You have blown his cover.

  29. Spidey would love this one. I can just see Tobey McGuire sitting up there at night, brooding in his blacks...

  30. GREAT photo, I never did master black and white. Envious per the usual am I..! Confess, WHERE is the thhing!?!?


  31. Awesome photography.

    New here, just checking you out.

  32. Dawn - I agree, I like the look, but wonder how practical or long lasting it will be.

    Geof - We feel very lucky to see sunsets similar to that almost everyday. The marine layer coming in and the sun going down combine to make some good ones.. Thanks!

    Ally - Thanks my friend!

    Blue Wave - Thanks! B&W is usually my favorite...

    Lazarus - they felt like it. It alspo seemed like it could be dented easily. thanks for commenting!

    Biana - Thanks so much!

    Mr. Stupid - Thanks! I think a vandal could ruin it very easily.

    PTM - LOL...He needed another one a bit more tropical.

    Margaret - I think he could climb it even on a bad day.

    Entre Nous - Thanks! It's in a city named Costa Mesa, in Southern California

    myvisualillusions - Thanks! Me too!

    SoccerMom - Thanks so much! I'm gonna go check you out as well..

  33. It looks as if when you wrap you knuckles too hard on it, you will make a dent


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