Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Japan Color 08

Spring time in Kyoto

Many textures

Cherry blossoms and Maple leaves


  1. These are lovely.
    Cherry blossoms are my favorite.
    A lot cooler than here.
    We missed spring and jumped into
    summer heat.

  2. Fabulous photos! So glad your updates are gracing my reader once again! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures from Japan, Pat... Love the colors. The flowering tree in that first one is GREAT.

  4. faye - Thanks! I totally agree. Much of Japan is as hot and humid as much of the US. It looks like summer just started here today. We've had VERY mild weather so far.

    Marlene - Thank you! I'm also glad. Some things that I posted, just vanished...

    Betsy - Thanks! When the cherry trees bloom, the entire country celebrates. Many picnics. Last time we were there I even had "cherry blossom" soup...Tasty!

  5. Nice pictures Pat. I'd like to visit Japan one day.

  6. Hey, Pat...these Japan pictures...do you go back there frequently? so nice to see them.

  7. GORGEOUS photos, Pat, as usual! I love your photos from Japan.

  8. More great photos....love the cherry blossom!

  9. Magnificent photos! The image with many textures sent me spiralling in outer space! :)

  10. Cherry blossoms are so awesome! Love 'em!

  11. Warren - They'd love to have you!

    BD - Beautiful and clean

    Joe - I've been there several times and it's just about time to go again...

    Talli - Thanks! I like taking them. Need to go again soon...

    Nat - Thanks! I love them also..

    RA - Thanks! Make sure you don't burn up upon re-entry...

    Ally - Me too!

  12. Great shots Pat! A little break in the action after reading the war stories.

  13. Such vibrant colors. I mostly see the color of asphalt in NYC.

  14. What a beautiful combination between the Cherry blossoms and the Maple leaves. Nicely done, Pat.

  15. loved,loved,loved that first shot....cherry blossoms...oooooo!

  16. These are beautiful, Pat. Love the first picture. The tree looks great with all those flowers.

  17. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. Richard Brautigan is one of my favorite poets. I have the 1968 publication of The Pill Vs. The Springhill Mine Disaster (with Marcia on the front), and it's a book I come back to over and over again.

  18. Chuck - Thanks! I agree, I'm gonna keep 'em light for a while before I start back with the stories.

    Jesse - you activated my memory. I'm sure you've never seen it, but have you ever heard of an old TV show called "Asphalt Jungle?"

    Pam - Thanks to nature for that one.

    Ms A - Thanks!

    Joan - I love them also.

    BlueWave - Thanks. nature provided the colors for me

    Mr. Stupid - Thanks so much!

    Sarah - My pleasure! I also have that book. I recently re-read (for the 10th time at least) "Trout Fishing in America." Marcia! the suject of much of what he did. Many people didn't realize the HUGE impact she had on much of what he wrote. Obviously, you do!
    Here's one written about her called "Gee, You're So Beautiful That It's Starting To Rain."

    Oh, Marcia,
    I want your long blonde beauty
    to be taught in high school,
    so kids will learn that God
    lives like music in the skin
    and sounds like a sunshine harpsicord.
    I want high school report cards
    to look like this

    John - thanks Buddy!

  19. Your pictures are stunning! Looks like you went at the perfect time of year!

    Thanks for your comment, If you live close to Torrey pines, you should definably go! It is a gem!

  20. BB - Thanks!

    Carly - I've never been there during the fall or winter. Next trip maybe...


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