Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blog Problems

I've been posting daily stories from my experiences in boot camp. Most of them are not showing up on your dashboards, or mine for that matter.

I'm getting emails from people telling me they are finding the posts only by going to my blog. It seems that if I post something immediately after writing it, it shows up. If I save it as a draft and publish later, it doesn't.

I'm going to post the rest of them today. If you want to read them, they are on a page called USMC Boot Camp, or you can access them via label.  Sorry about that.

I promise that this isn't a feeble attempt to get more people to read them.


  1. Nothing has shown up on my dashboard, since your test. Must be a scheduling issue.

  2. Since I posted this, I've posted 12new stories and NONE of them showed up the dashboard. They are on my blog, but not the DB...
    I'm so frustrated.....
    oh well, if you go directly to the blog they are there.

  3. Pat, I don't know how you are doing it --but a 'draft' will not publish to Blogger ---unless you go in a publish it immediately... If you are timing it to publish at another time, set your date and time --and then hit PUBLISH (not draft)... I publish every morning at 4 a.m. by the timer and have no trouble. Hope this helps.

  4. Things are really weird here too! First they are there, then they are gone....I write comments that don't show up and Blogger Status just issues an apology saying things will be back to normal "soon"!!!!!!!!
    This is getting VERY frustrating and I can't read what is going on on a lot of blogs.
    Then, on top of that, I've written e-mails that haven't been sent, but just returned as Mailer Daemons.
    So, just what is going on? GRRRRRR!

  5. Well, this is my THIRD attempt to write to you, but comments say NO.
    I am so fed-up this week with computer issues.Comments not showing up, e-mails floating around somewhere in the ether, posts taking hours to get posted!
    I was still trying at 4:00 a.m. in the morning to get my post to stay put!
    Blogger Status just says that it is being dealt with, so, fingers crossed that this comment gets through!

  6. They haven't been showing up on my sidebar, either. I thought that you were awfully quiet and decided to come over. Not sure if any of these are re-posts or not, but if they are, you need to copy and paste them into a new post and delete the old one. Then hit publish! I'm speaking from experience, so I hope this helps.

  7. Question: Are you copying and pasting your stories into the blog from say word?

    Mine was doing that too and I learned it was because I was copying and pasting and not typing write into blogger. Lame, I know, but that is what happened.

  8. Seems this has been the week for Blogger Probs, hopefully that will soon pass

  9. Yes, I've had numerous Blogger issues this week.

  10. I also realized this morning that some of the links to blogs I follow are gone. amazing...

  11. Oh yes, I will be reading them, Mr. Pat. Love the new pic.
    I don't like to save my posts as draft because when I DO publish them, it gives the date as the saved draft, NOT the date it was published.

  12. I thought you were being
    quiet ... blogger has been
    acting up lately for me too.

    Oh... love the new header photo...
    but I will miss the old one..

  13. I'm back to play catch up! Love the new header!

  14. Your today's post doesn't show up either! :( I'm off to the archives to read those boot camp stories. Keep trying, Pat, we need to get you back! :)


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