Friday, July 23, 2010


I took this photo while laying flat on my back in the middle of a semi-busy sidewalk

enlarge for enhanced viewing


  1. I think I see a foot at the top of the picture, about to step on you....

    Where were you when you took this? Cool cool picture.

  2. this is the kind of scene that reminds you why you don't mind being on your back in the getter sometimes.

  3. You sure have an eye for photography. What a cool one!

  4. Wow!!!! Neat angle! Hope no one stepped on you!

  5. Lucky no one stood on you :-)
    Great pic!

  6. It's breathtaking! I love the way the sharp corners mix with the shadows and mirrored images. Amazing! :)

  7. very cool perspective in this photo! It is amazing how looking at something from a different angle can change everything about it. I feel this way in life as well.

  8. This is a fabulous image, Pat.
    Well worth the risk of getting gum spat upon you.

  9. Was this angle the one you noticed after you fell flat of your back walking backward trying to get just the right angle on another shot, or what! Love it - it is very neat - the sharpness. Would love to hear the thoughts of some of the passerbys though - LOL!

  10. What we do to get that different shot! I do crazy stuff too just for a photo! Love this! The reflection in the building looks as if it is looming/leering over the watcher!

  11. It gives me a bit of vertigo when I look at it. That's a compliment as it shows how effective the photo is.

  12. I love this! The angles of the buildings are just brilliant! It would be lost if it were in colour though. Sometimes photo's look better in black and white.
    It reminds me a lot of The Gherkin building that we have here in London.
    Big hugs!

  13. That is just stunning. There's a great balance to it that just appeals to me.

  14. This is fantastic!! Just glad you didn't get stepped on by the 400 lb gentleman who I'm sure was steps away from you!! And, yes, I got a bit of vertigo, too! Terrific shot! Have a great weekend -- don't get stepped on, we'll want to see more next week!!


  15. Just so long as you didn't get stepped on it was worth it. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Great picture, Pat... I'll bet that people may have thought you were a little 'nutso' laying there in the middle of a sidewalk.... ha ha

  17. Anything for your art. Right, Patrick?

  18. It was well worth it. I hope the sidewalk walkers enjoyed the odd view as much as you did.

  19. Hope people didn't think you were drunk.

  20. I'll say...fabulous, again! Wow! And...your header is to die for!

  21. Haha! That's quite the confession. I'm glad no one stepped on you.

  22. What a super shot, Pat! Glad nobody messed with you while you were shooting...the image is so sharp looking. Well done.

  23. SN - No doubt! I'm surprised nobody did...

    Jhon - I've been there also!

    Rita - thanks! And thanks for stopping by

    Marlene - Why thank you!

    Nat - Indeed. I guess that's because it was in a nice area.

    RA - I agree. A cool looking building, that's for sure

    DrSoosie - Thanks my friend! That is so true...

    Joe - Thanks Joe! I escaped without incident

    Andrea - I actually looked up and went wow...

    Greyscale Territory - I know! My family sometimes gets embarrased. thanks for commenting! come back and stay awhile!

    michael - Same with me! Thanks!

    Alice - thanks Alice...I agree, b&w all the way...

    TS - thanks buddy! I looked up and was so happy that I had my camera with me.

    Sylvia - Thanks so much! There were several people around when I did it. Also, thanks for stopping by. The door is always unlocked!

    Scott - I agree! thanks, you also. come back anytime.

    Betsy = Thanks Betsy! I'm sure they did...

    BB - That is so true...for art and vanity!

    Ms A - I'm sure they did...but that didn't happen until an hour or so later...

    Carolyn ford - Thanks! coming from you, that is a big compliment! About the header, I'm happy (and lucky) to say that I took that photo in my back yard...

    EG - Gotta tell it like it is!

    Chuck - Thanks Chuck! I appreciate it!

  24. Stunning...simply stunning...can I post this on my website and link it back to you? pretty please?

  25. did you really lie flat in the middle of the crowed???

  26. Blue Wave - Thanks so much!

    Lynne H - Why thank you! You most certainly can...(just don't sell it)...LOL

    yogurt - It wasn't like the people were wall to wall, but there were people around, and I did lie down on the sidewalk...thanks for commenting!

  27. Great shot! I do crazy things like that, too, to get good shots. A sign of a true artist!

  28. Well worth the risk of getting trampled on the sidewalk. Awesome photo! Do you sell any of these? - G

  29. Great perspective ..
    it still made me dizzy.

    I haven't taken any
    horizontal street shots since
    I stopped drinking Tequila...

  30. Marguerite - Well, I don't know about the artist part, but the crazy things, yes...

    Georgina - Thanks! I haven't taken the time yet to look into how I would sell anything. Good idea though!

    Faye - Thanks! makes me dizzy also!
    tequila will do that to you...

  31. made me dizzy and kinda nauseated....

    then again.... coulda been the brownies.
    dont worry they'll be served tomorrow. lol

  32. that is so cool. It kind of plays with your mind. I would never think to take a pic lying on my back. You are so clever.

  33. Reminds me of the Radiohead clip for Just, with the guy lying on the pavement...
    That's suffering for your art...
    Hope a dog didnt pee there!


  34. This is an amazing shot Pat. I am just glad nobody stepped on your Camera or you.
    Have a nice day...:)

  35. What quite unsual way to look at a bulding... I love the reflection on the windows because it creates a geometrical pattern very alienating... (Now I know why I prefer countryside ;) )... Great pic, thanks for the sharing !

  36. Great angles. I love the symmetry in the tower.

  37. Ashley - Yum! There were good...

    Costea - Thanks so much!

    Pam - thank you!

    PTM - Nah, not clever, just hurts my neck to bend backwards too much...

    Anthony - It wasn't bad at all...

    Mr. Stupid - thanks! I was in no danger...

    'Tsuki - I totally agree. to me that is the whole shot...all the reflected angles in the glass. thanks for commenting.

    AB - Thanks so much!

  38. Terrific perspective and great shot.

    Thanks again for your help with our blog.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  39. Darryl & ruth - Thanks so much! My pleasure!

    Nefertiti - Merci beaucoup !


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