Monday, July 19, 2010

Backyard Sunsets 6

Last Thursday it was in the mid 90's here. We had hot sun, black clouds, lightning, thunder, rain, brushfires, and rainbows. Put them all together and we had this...

please enlarge for best viewing

I PROMISE these photos are not touched up or enhanced in the slightest bit. The ocean is just over the hill in the distance.  In addition to the light shining directly at us from behind that hill, it also reflects off the ocean which is only a few miles away. A double whammy of light.   Add a little smoke in the air from the brush fires and oh man!


  1. Wow! Just Wow! That last photo looks both incredibly beautiful and striking apocalyptic and the same time, like the world is on fire and the sun is going to gobble us up. - G

  2. Divine! :)
    Here's one more for my collection, then. Do you know that 30% of my desktop bakcgrounds are from your camera?!! :D

  3. These photos are gorgeous, hard to tell where the earth ends and heaven begins....just as it should be =)

  4. perfection!! but you can tell them that it's MY backyard.... you were just standing in it.... hahaha....
    well it kind of IS my backyard, i'm in it like i live there....

    ....about that house for sale a few doors down..... lol.

  5. Pat those pictures are spectacular!!! It looks like hot lava swirling around all molten and oozing. Wow...I am impressed.

  6. Ren - Thanks! I needed a pano camera to really do it justice

    Georgina - The weather that day seemed pretty apocalyptic as well. We usually don't have weather, especially during the summer.

    Lisa - thanks! we're pretty lucky to see it

    BB - thank you! As the marine layer comes up over those clouds most afternoons, it makes for good sunsets almost daily

    RA - thanks! I'm glad you enjoy them!

    Ashley - Yeah, I noticed that you are here a

    Vickie - thanks. I'm in awe when things like that happen. and so very lucky to see it frequently.

    D & S - thanks so much.

    Waren - You are right, all I did was snap the photo (slowly)

    Nat - Thanks! The photos really don't do it justice. The ocean is to our west and south, so the sunsets really are panoramic

    DrSoosie - Thanks so much! It does look like lava. I'm impressed also (with mother nature that is)

  7. Hi Pat, WELL---I'm sorry about the fires, but the sky colors are fabulous!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  8. These are amazing pics, Pat. I especially like the middle one. It's mezmerizing.

  9. Beautiful sunset pictures!!

    I can't remember what state you are in. Maybe Washington? The last time we had the big forest fire in the Okeefenokee Swamp region the sunsets were gorgeous.

  10. Betsy - Thanks! The fires were all pretty small and put out quickly. It enhances the sunsets, that's for sure.

    Talli - Thank you! I think so also.

    Robyn - Thanks. Yep, the middle one shows the very black clouds moving into the scene.

    dot - Southern California. No big fires yet. That usually doesn't start until fall and winter. I saw some photos of those..amazing and scary...

  11. wow. These pics are absolutely amazing! Thank you for should make prints and send them out to all your followers;) just sayin.....

  12. WOW!! Just Magical!!!!! Beautiful!!

    ps. I got your mail about your stories (soon to be chapters). I will read them as soon as I've got the time!


  13. ooh, lots of my favorite colors ^_^

  14. I'm going to repeat myself again, "The Good Lord Sure Paints A Pretty Picture" and again you have captured one of those my Friend.

  15. Dawn - Thank you!....I'm just say...NO! LOL

    BD - thank you sir!

    Biana - They are magical, but all i did was take the photos...

    Vencora - Mine too! Thanks...

    Jimmy - It is indeed amazing...when I took this photo, there was a huge rainbow in the opposite direction...

  16. They have an amazing look of fire! Beautiful!

  17. Well Pat considering I got all thrilled and excited over my web cam pictures, these here are beyond stunning.. What beauty you have captured and shared with us all. I thank you...

  18. Dude those are just kick-ass shots, except for the fact something is burning, but great photos! Something would actually have to BE on fire in Dallas to get a shot like that.

  19. Looks like the sky has burst into flames. Incredible. 2nd only to your block party / water war!

  20. This is one of the most amazing sunsets ever-ever, and do love it that it's not retouched. I always feel cheated when they are. Thanks for letting us know :)

  21. I'm gob smacked! I have a thing for sunsets and these pictures are AMAZING!

  22. I want one of these pics as my phone wallpaper. Must have been so much more beautiful in person.

    You really know how to capture them.

  23. You seriously are one of the most talented photographers I've seen online!

  24. Those are amazing photos! Thanks for sharing them. Good to hear that the brushfires are the out of control wildfires that sometimes happen in your area.

  25. Ms A - Lot's of light, that's for sure!

    Lynne - My pleasure. We are very fortunate that we get nice sunsets almost every day.

    Chuck - Thanks! The burning only added a little smoke to the colors. the fires were all out that day. I'm just lucky enought to very close to the ocean.

    Jesse - It does! thanks buddy...

    tapirgal - thanks, it's one of the best I've ever seen. The most I EVER do to my photos is maybed adjust the contrast a bit, but usually not even that...

    baygirls - Thanks! I'm glad you liked them

    PTM - Feel free! It was overwhelming in person. It was much too big and too wide to get it all in one photo.

    Marlene - Wow! Thanks so much for the nice words!

    Neil - my pleasure! The bad fires don't usually start until the fall and winter.

  26. Beautiful Pat! Looks like an Australian sunset!

  27. Wasn't it crazy cool. Friday night especially was amazing here. But not as good as what you had!

  28. beautiful. I love the tree silhouette

  29. Well, I guess I have to get in line here...great pictures, awesome!

  30. Anthony - I'll have to take your word on that! Thanks!

    Megan - It was crazy weather, that's for sure

    The Insomniac - Thanks so much!

    powachair - Thank you sir!

    Joe - Thanks Joe!

  31. Stunning! God is quite the artist and you captured it beautifully.

  32. Long low whistle!!!!

    THANKS PAT!!!!!!


  33. How beautiful... I love the picture up top too (blog title).

  34. Random Thinker - Why thank you!

    Ree - Yup! I just pushed the button

    John - My pleasure!

    Minoccio - Thanks! taken close to the same spot...

  35. Simply too beautiful for words.


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