Tuesday, July 6, 2010


last two blog entries never showed up in my dashboard. Hmmm...


  1. SLACKER!!! How many of ya'll are buying THIS OLD tactic--LOL!

    Mine has been dropping stuff, posts, and comments Pat.


  2. Showed up on my follow list no problem. Could be El Nino, right?

  3. This one showed up fine on my dashboard Pat. I'm having trouble with comments disappearing on both of my blogs. Blogger is doing it's thing again apparently.

  4. I got it but do see on others it will say zero comments and really they are there..loco...

  5. This one appeared.
    Maybe Google Gremlins? I've heard numerous complaints today...

  6. Seriously, this is weird...

    I posted part 2 of my story this morning at 7, and it just showed up a while ago. The editor said it was posted, but it was nowhere to be found...My comments are all screwed up also..strange goings on!

  7. And I thought it was just me..
    darn.. blogger is acting up today.

  8. Well, we see ya now, Mr. Pat!

  9. I've been having bother since Monday with my blog, both commenting and leaving comments on other blogs. I even checked out Blogger Status, and this seems to be a common problem at the beginning of the month.
    It is now 3:50 a.m. (my time) and things look as though they are getting back to normal.
    So, it seems that you are not the only one having problems....just some gremlin in the works!
    Big Hugs!

  10. Blogger has been screwing up everything today.

  11. you know how songs pop into your head when people say things? well really gross and nerdy things pop into my head. and i hate it, but i can't help it....

    i'll leave the gross stuff for the "not my father" people, and just go with the weird stuff....

    i started rapping in my head....
    testing testing.
    one, two.

    and i pictured myself with a big clock necklace, and high tops, with a sideways hat and a bejeweled microphone.

    by the way, can you watch lewie while i see marie next week?

  12. Some weird things went on with Blogger today. You are not the only one...

  13. It's just Blogger going through another glitch. I was having similar problems but they went away.

  14. I missed you Pat and I am glad to be back among my blog family. Now I have to catch up on what I have missed. but this did show up on my blogroll so I think you are okay!

  15. Your new header is making me drool. Is that PS? I can't wait to get back there this winter! - G


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