Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bellagio Atrium

enlarge for best effect

Some of you probably know that this "room" is usually full of flowers, plants, and fountains. Somehow the only photo I took in there was this one...


  1. What an intriguing shot. Kind of makes you tilt your head around while looking at it. Good eye!

  2. Oh, Patrick! I love this shot. I am insanely jealous!!!

  3. I love this image, this detail would be missed my most while they look only at the flora and fauna. Like lobsters in a cage - we simply don't look up enough.

  4. Looks good in B&W! hint hint. lol

  5. wonderful architectural shot, Patrick. this is first rate.

  6. Awesome shot. Do you know that lately, when I am out shooting, I think to myself..."how would Pat and Betty handle this?"

  7. Ah yes, a room I am very familiar with. Eerie to see it like that though.

  8. I can understand why this would be what you'd make an image of....

  9. Who needs nature when you can have construction at its best (& photographed by the best)?!

  10. Impressive Shot Pat!!

    I do like this one.

  11. Jeez, I've been in and out of that room many times and I've never looked at it from that angle before.


  12. Hi Pat!!! I am noticing a consistent trend in your photography in that you are fascinated with glass, windows and different angles. You have a real gift of an eye for seeing things that most would not. As I have said time and time again...I think you should consider creating a gallery in your own home!!

  13. chuck - Yup, I was overjoyed when I saw it!

    RA - Yep, me too!

    BB - Thank you my friend! As well you should be...

    Jhon - Thanks! Everybody was looking at the stuff in the room, and I was looking "at" the room. Yum, lobster!

    dot - You are too funny! wink wink. It's there!
    and here

    California Girl - Thank so much! It's one of my favs.

    Costea - thanks Costea!

    Corve - Thanks so much!

    Joe - thanks Joe, that's a nice compliment!

    Cheeseboy - Me too! We make sure to go at least a couple of times a year.

    pitchertaker - me too...

    Robyn - There's lots out there to take photos of...

    Jimmy - Thanks buddy!

    Postman - I've never been in there at night, I wonder if you can see the lights of the taller building through the glass? I'm gonna have to check it out.

    DrSoosie - You are so right! I don't think from a technical sense I'm that good, but I do have a good eye... I think I am going to have some printed up. People keep asking about buying some, so i may look into that as well. Oh yeah! WELCOME BACK....

  14. Very creative shot.. I never look up
    at the Bellagio.. I'm usually looking
    at a roulette wheel.

  15. A bit Alfred Hitchcockian no?

  16. Faye - Thanks! All the Vegas talk is getting me in the mood...

    Copyboy - That never entered my mind, until I read this...good eye!

  17. . . . and it is a good one. Unexpected shading. Really nice.

  18. Are those bats or water sprinklers or some form of growth hanging from the roof of the thing? Don't ask why those are the first things that caught my eye - I guess I just have that awesome eye for detail - WHAT?! THOSE ARE JUST METAL THINGYS? oh...well...

  19. This is a very cool scene...

    From the Far East.

  20. Tapirgirl - Thanks! It was a good find.

    Andrea - they are lights! nothing

    ruma2008 - Thanks! Same to you (from the west)!

  21. You have a great eye and as copyboy pointed out earlier , I love the Hitchcock essence of the photo.

  22. Blue Wave - thanks!

    NTP - Thanks so much! I thought I had signed up to follow you a while back. I just realized that either I didn't do it, or the link dropped. Anyway, I am now!


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